God created the human body to heal & repair even as we age. What we do (which ultimately demonstrates what we believe) has a massive effect on that process.

#1 How you deal with inevitable stresses in your mind and your heart effects your health & healing…this is where Real Faith comes in, where is your faith?  In Whom do you place your trust?  It matters because placing faith in the right place always leads to your good. (see Proverbs 3:5-6, John 14:6)

#2 – What you put into your body as fuel; i.e. foods, drinks, supplements, etc. effect your health & healing…this is where Real Food comes into play!  Are you eating mostly man-made artificial/processed junk or things that are actually, real, live beneficial fuel for the human body?

#3 – How you move or lack of movement throughout the day effects your health & healing, your spine being of KEY importance because your nervous system literally links to every part of your body…this is where Real Function applies. Are you getting your spine checked regularly?  Are your children & grandchildren getting their spine checked regularly?  Are you stretching daily?  Monitoring your sleep position? Strengthening your posture muscles and your core? Working on your balance as you age?  

#4 – How you deal with new injuries that may occur, or old injuries/chronic pain that continually nags and won’t seem to completely heal…This is where SoftWave TRT comes into play; if you have an issue like this, ask us about scheduling a SoftWave Discovery Scan to see if this Tissue Regeneration Therapy (TRT) may be part of your best approach to healing those things. Discovery Scans are only $49 for 1 body part, $79 to check 2 body parts and $99 to scan 3 different areas of your body (which includes the initial treatment) & the best part is you get that Discovery Scan fee credited back when you begin any care plan for SoftWave! 

The bottom line is this: You can recover. You can Get Well and Stay Well.

It does take effort.  And we’re here to help you in that journey!