One of the greatest hindrances to our life & health can be our mind, emotions and belief processes…and yet one of the greatest assets we have when overcoming life and/or health problems is the ability to change our mind, emotions and belief processes.  Neuroplasticity is this neurological fact that we CAN create new pathways in our brain; you can, in fact, teach an old dog (person) new tricks (behaviors)!  Neuroplasticity means that just because you’ve always been a certain way does not mean you must stay that way.  It’s one of the most powerful proofs on the planet that by changing the way you believe, you canchange how you act!  Behavior changes without a belief change are short-lived at best.  However, when we change our beliefs about something, THAT is when we begin to make changes that can last a lifetime.  When you believe that you can’t live without cigarettes, you will not quit not matter how hard you try.  Let’s try the other side of that coin now.  If you believe that moving your body daily will cause you to live healthier and longer, you will make an effort to go for a walk or do some push-ups each day at some point.  My point is this, whatever we believe eventually shows up in how we act (for better or for worse).  Spiritually speaking, if we believe that God is distant and uninvolved in our day-to-day lives, we will give very little effort to finding out how He thinks we should live.  Alternatively, when we understand He is the Creator of all things, that He loves us and wants us to live in a way that agrees with the standards of righteousness that He Himself has set for us and has written down for us in the Bible, we will go to great lengths to live in a way that pleases Him and ultimately is good for us.  Whether we’re talking about our health, our day-to-day lifestyle choices, or our faith – the fact that we DO NOT have to remain in any rut we’ve gotten into in life!!  Now it’s up to YOU to pinpoint what rut you might be in that’s currently defeating you.  What part of your life may really need change?  I encourage you to write it down.  If you’re feeling confused or even stumped on what steps to take next, bring it in with you to your next appointment and we can figure out some action steps to help you get started!  Clearview is about whole-person health, not just spines and posture.  I definitely know it can be hard to get going, so I’m here to help!