It’s likely that you’ve seen K-Tape (short for “Kinesiology Tape”) on athletes.  The Summer Olympics beach volleyball players really made it famous a number of years ago.  You’ll see it very commonly now on people of all shapes/sizes/ages!

Rocktape explanation cubeK-Tape actually lifts the skin away from underlying muscles (as shown in the picture on right), the lymphatic system, pain receptors, blood vessels and nerve-endings, which can help speed up healing time and actually delay fatigue.

Ask Dr. Sharla about K-taping if you:

One of the best things about having been in practice for 10 years is that I am constantly working to make sure I am giving you the most effective care possible!  It is my joy to offer K-Taping now because I have seen the benefits of K-Taping for myself and have read enough research now that I am compelled to implement it as another way to engage a quicker and more effective healing process.  We must address your spinal alignment, stabilize the joints, increase blood flow and lymphatic drainage within the body, and strengthen the muscles.  We already are doing the first and last things in that list with adjustments and exercises. K-Tape beautifully fills in the gap, which I think is imperative!  It’s my job to offer you the very best recommendations possible to help you get well & stay well, and your care options are ALWAYS your choice!

K-Tape Pricing: $15/body area application;

**The tape will stay on your body anywhere from 3-7 days!

***Depending on time needed, a special appt. times may need to be scheduled