Anxiety and depression effect untold numbers of people in America. One of my biggest passions is helping you

#1-understand that your body was created to heal and function properly, 

#2-that there are ways to help your body heal naturally without relying on prescription medications; certain lifestyle choices can rapidly begin to change the trajectory of your mental health,

#3-there are plenty of obstacles to mental health that you can overcome, but you need to know what the pitfalls are; there are nutritional, relational, and even spiritual things to consider.  

Just one example: 

Dopamine and serotonin are 2 neurotransmitters largely effecting mental health, of which 90% are produced in your gut.  What if your gut is not healthy?  

These are just a snapshot of the things we’ll discuss at our next workshop Tuesday, June 18th here at Clearview, 5:30pm, where we’re going to dive into this very important subject of mental health by specifically talking about natural approaches to anxiety and depression.  If you think you might benefit from this information, please RSVP today by emailing us at