Last year was one of the most serious years for the flu that we’ve ever seen, but my hope is that this year we’ll start paying attention to our Immune Systems NOW and not wait until our bodies are under attack from a virus of any kind. Here’s my Top 5 list to help build your immunity UP instead of allowing it to remain susceptible:

  1. Vitamin D; you should get it from the sunshine, but often we don’t get enough of that so supplement with Vitamin D3 (minimum supplement 3000-5000 i.u./day, if you know you’re deficient or have lowered immunity you can take up to 10,000 i.u./day
  2. Elderberry Syrup; hands-down this has been the BEST thing we have done in our family over the past few years to build immune systems. Elderberry is highly effective at strengthening immunity and reducing the effects of flu symptoms.  I like homemade organic elderberry syrup (my favorite recipe here) or our local Bee Healthy Market usually sells a variety of options
  3. Vitamin C; 5000-10,000 mg/day, you will know how much your body can tolerate by your bowel movements, worst case if you take too much Vit. C you’ll have loose stool, at that point back dosage down a bit.
  4. Probiotics; our bodies require good bacteria in our gut, if you don’t have enough, your immune system will not fuction properly.Take a probiotic with at least 15 billion live probiotics and a miniumum of 9 different probiotic strains.
  5. Oscillococcinum Homeopathic Remedy; take asap if you get exposed to the Flu virus