There have been numerous seasons in my life where I have fasted. Sometimes it has been a challenge for self-control and not being “controlled” by food emotionally or otherwise.  More commonly, I have fasted and prayed asking the LORD to intervene in situations or for my own heart to be renewed and changed by drawing near to Him in this way.  Most recently I have done something called “Intermittent Fasting” which has yielded great benefits in both drawing near to God and also in my physical body as well.  The Bible is such a great resource to learn about why people fasted and what Jesus the Messiah (Yeshua) said about fasting (see scripture references below).  The first-century Believers probably knew a lot more about it than we do because it was more common then.  But, I want to share with you a few really great benefits of fasting.  I could write on and on about spiritual benefits of fasting and what that has meant in my life and give testimony of the power of fasting and seeking the LORD during certain seasons.  By all means, pray about how He would want you to fast.  For our purposes today, and being that we have a Creator Who knows very well how He created the human body, He knows perfectly how it works and what it is designed to do and how it is designed to function…it should be no surprise that seasons of fasting would yield great benefit in our lives on many levels!  Intermittent Fasting is most often categorized as eating during an 8-hr window during the day, and fasting for the other 16 hrs (during which you can drink water or unsweet teas (iced or hot), and a few other drinks which won’t cause you to “break” your fast).  There are MANY options for fasting, I’m sharing the 1 that I have done most recently. Intermittent fasting can help with: Reducing inflammation, decreasing hunger and cravings, enhancing cognitive function and protecting your memory, increasing HDL cholesterol and decreasing the more negative LDL and triglycerides, improve your blood sugar levels, and help you shed extra lbs you might be carrying.

**The following link from is an incredible practical resource guide to the different options of fasting and when it’s appropriate to fast and knowing risk factors before you begin fasting!

References to “Fasting” in the Bible

Jesus (Yeshua) Teaching about Prayer & Fasting

Fasting in the First-Century according to the Book of Acts