One of the greatest things I hear almost daily is a parent telling me that their child told them they needed to come and get adjusted.  That’s right, children know their bodies!  Over and over I hear this from parents, and my answer is, “They usually know, I’m so glad you brought him/her!”  But, it’s not just kids that are becoming aware of what it feels like to be in-alignment vs. subluxated (out-of-alignment).  More and more adults are telling me after a few months of regular Chiropractic care that they can feel the difference and know when their body needs to be re-aligned.  Body awareness is KEY to health and healing, if we will pay attention we can often prevent so many issues!  Hopefully you don’t ignore the check engine light on your car…and your body is way more important.  Don’t ignore the signals that something is off, and it could be different that you think. It could be stiffness or pain, but it could also be a change in sleep patterns, fatigue, constipation, stomach problems, headaches, restless legs, changes in your mood or memory functionality. If your body is just “off” don’t just push through, get your spine checked ASAP!  Your nervous system is greatly affected by your alignment!