I have to admit that juicing has resurfaced in my life, which means that it had taken a hiatus for a while.  Juicing is preparation-demanding and cleaning-intensive, HOWEVER I cannot express to you how important I believe that it is, and why I’ve made it a point to add it back into our daily lives.  Today, I want to talk about aiding our livers by juicing.

People often argue that you should not juice because it’s wasteful or you miss the fiber.  We compost at our house, so our juicing remnants are extremely useful to us.  If you do not compost, you can easily find recipes to make wonderful recipes using the mulched up fruits and veggies.  Fiber is amazing and we should work hard to get plenty of it.  The benefit to juicing is that it’s extremely easy to digest, and is filled with tons of nutrients you wouldn’t normally get if you sat down to eat some veggies.

The liver is vital for our health, and for most people, it’s working overtime to filter the harmful things they put into their bodies.  The liver works as a giant filter for our blood.  It regulates the amounts of sugar, protein and fat that enter our bloodstream.  It processes most of the nutrients which are absorbed by our intestines during digestion.  The liver stores vitamin A, iron and other minerals.  It produces cholesterol, which is then sent-out in response to inflammation in our body (juicing vegetables aids tremendously in healing inflammation).

Here are some key things to juice if you want to help your liver:

You can do any combo of these fruits and veggies, just remember to do at minimum 3x’s more veggies than fruit!

My personal favorite juicer:  Breville’s Juice Fountain Cold, which is a high speed juicer, because of the cold press technology does not heat the juice more than 2 degrees, which preserves all the amazing enzymes and nutrients that we need!