It is my personal opinion that fresh starts are healthy for us! We all need a “clean slate” every now & again. However, I am NOT a fan of the outrageous, impossible-to-accomplish, so-called New Year’s resolutions we’re all so tempted to make at the beginning of each January. So, in light of these thoughts I’m having…I want to invite you all to do something really healthy and cleansing for your mind, body and soul this January! I’m challenging you to do several things for 16 days in January of 2016. So, you can start it on January 1st or January 7th, etc. But pick a 16-day stretch in the month of January to do these 3 things:

     1. Cut-out SUGAR from your diet (All of it. Really. White sugar, brown sugar, high fructose   corn syrup, Starbucks drinks, colas/cokes/pop/sodas, desserts, pop-tarts, donuts, sweetened cereals, etc…(try a little organic stevia, it won’t raise blood sugar so it’s safe for diabetics OR for non-diabetics you can use raw local honey instead of sugar))

If you are already a non-sugar addicted person, I recommend still taking this challenge but cutting out all GRAINS from your diet. No bread, pasta, pastries, cereals, rices, corn, soy, etc…

If you’re struggling with your health or your weight and/or having a lot of pain problems, do both! It will change your life, I promise. If you will take 16 days and cut out sugar and grains, you will feel like a new person and your joints with thank you! It’s all about controlling your blood sugar and reducing inflammation.

UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE DO I RECOMMEND ARTIFICIAL SWEETENERS!!! They are incredibly toxic to your body. Say NO to the pink stuff, blue stuff & yellow stuff and even “truvia” has some in it. Some of you need to cut this out of your life. “Diet”&“sugar-free” products contain these. Use organic raw stevia instead!

     2.  Add Omega 3 to your diet (high quality animal source is BEST, I LOVE Innate Choice brand; If you are allergic or vegan you can always do flax seed oil). Omega 3’s are so important for your brain function and reducing inflammation in your body.

     3.  Read 11 verses out of Psalm 119 each day & meditate on what each one is saying. (There are 176 total verses in this Psalm, which is the longest chapter of the Bible. So, if you read 11 verses per day starting with verse 1, you will finish Psalm 119 verse 176 on Day 16. Any time I am fasting from anything, I always rely on the Lord to help me keep my mind on Him instead of whatever I’m cutting out of my life. I also recommend journaling each day while you read, be willing to write down what comes to your heart and mind as you read).