It’s fairly common knowledge that adjustments can help with headaches and back pain of all sorts, sciatica or ribs that go out of alignment (i.e. if you have pain along your back, chest or side when you take a deep breath).  

Simply put, any joint in your body has the potential of being in a malposition, which can cause dysfunction in that direct area or the region where those nerves ultimately travel.  I prioritize the spine because when those joints go out of alignment, the stakes are higher in terms of nerve functionality.  But, you can’t really say that to a person with horrific plantar fasciitis, can you?  Because every single step they take, they’re in pain and because they’re walking in a manner to compensate for foot pain, now their knees, hips and lumbar spine begin to suffer, and whatever THOSE nerves to go is affected!

I say the phrase, “It’s all connected,” multiple times per day.  And, it’s true.  Your neck is connected to your ears, eyes, nose, throat, and immune system in a major way.  Your mid back is connected to your stomach, and your upper back is connected to your heart a lungs.  The lower back is connected to your bladder, intestines and reproductive organs.   

This is why Chiropractic can potentially help things like bed-wetting or incontinence; asthma & breathing issues; sinus/allergy/congestion; and long-term something I hear so often is since starting regular adjustments that families are sick less and less often because their immune systems are stronger.  

Bottom line…a body that’s in alignment works better.  A body that’s in alignment is more stable and better balanced and able to handle the stresses of everyday life more appropriately.