The complaint of pain, stiffness, clicking, and irritation in the HIP JOINT is very, very common.  If you’ll notice in the picture, there are MANY muscles that cross the hip joint and affect the S-I (sacro-iliac) joint as well!  Muscles and joints, along with ligaments (connections between 2 bones) and tendons (connections between a muscle and a bone) can all be involved with hip issues to varying degrees. 

A couple of things to help with S-I and hip joint mobility and stability: 

  • Take your hips through their full range-of-motion every single day
  • Before you get out of bed, pull your knee to your chest and hold; then pull your knee over midline and stretch the back of your hip
  • Get a foam-roller!  This is incredibly effective for working out knots and tension in the soft tissues around your S-I and hip joints
  • Strengthen your core muscles by doing plank position (you can do it on your knees or toes either one, depending upon your fitness level) and Bridges (laying down, knees bent, and raise your hips up toward the ceiling)  
  • Get your S-I and hip joints checked & adjusted if needed by your Chiropractor regularly to correct any issues right away so that those joint-fixations don’t start to develop scar tissue and create more of the same problems