Ever wonder why “flu season” is called flu season? I suppose it is because most people get sick during this time of year, but rather than believe it’s a weather-thing or an accidental occurrence…I want you to *THINK* about what coincides with flu season.

Two words. SUGAR and STRESS.


We will start this coming weekend, as a nation, consuming huge amounts of candy during Halloween, not that stressful, actually it seems like lots of fun. Now in 4 weeks we will all be making plans and beginning the most stressful time of year leading into Christmas, and Thanksgiving we will consume more ____? What? Say it with me now…SUGAR.  Exactly 3 ½ weeks after Thanksgiving, we have Christmas the holiday in which we indulge in…you guessed it… more SUGAR.

Now within the month of December most American’s schedules are jam-packed full of financial-stress, scheduling-stress, and not to mention family-stress.  And with shorter days, we are all exposed to MUCH less sunshine, resulting in deficiencies in Vitamin D (a vital part of our immunity).

Stress + Sugar = Shot Immune System

Shot Immune Systems = sick bodies and thus we have our well-known season called “flu season.”

But, it’s not there by accident or chance, is it? Nope. Flu Season is a direct result of the onslaught of immune system defeating practices like Sugar, Stress, not making time to exercise, etc. So, do your body a favor this holiday season…don’t stress, control your schedule, control your cravings, Get Adjusted! , take your probiotics, vitamin C, and vitamin D3, add things like Elderberry juice, Oregano Oil, Thieves or OnGuard oils, and garlic to help your immunity as well!