If you give a health person a drug — what do YOU think would happen?  Would that medication actually make a health person healthier?  I wonder why we believe giving a sick/unhealthy person more drugs will cause them to return to health?  Have you ever really thought about that?  When was the last time you heard of someone who was told to take their Cholesterol drug for a short time so they could “get better” and be able to get off the meds?  What about Diabetes medications, are those for the rest of your life or just for a time until you can make enough lifestyle changes to improve your metabolic health?  Right.  You don’t get to get “off” those chronic disease meds because that’s how it’s designed. My point is this…drugs do not and cannot BUILD health in the human body.  However, your lifestyle choices CAN.  Day by day – you have the ability to build health in your physical body, your mind and your spirit.  What you sow, you will reap.  

    One of the greatest passions of my life is helping people get to the point where they no longer depend on a drug or medication of any kind – and we watch it happen all the time – as people take hold of the amazing opportunities we have to help their body heal…guess what the body does…it starts to heal!!  Likewise, I want to educate the next generation that we do not need to even go down the road of chronic disease – IF WE WILL TAKE THE NECESSARY STEPS NOW!!!  We were created fearfully and wonderfully, the Bible says (Psalm 139), and within that creation is this AMAZING, BUILT-IN (innate) ability to adapt and overcome and thrive!  It’s literally how God made us to heal & function. 

   If you are not thriving in your health right now, be it physical, mental or spiritual – THERE IS HOPE!!!  

You are NOT destined for sickness and continual dys-function and dis-ease…you were created to LIVE LIFE and that’s what we’re here to help you do!  Your alignment matters, so get adjusted!  Healing your old or new injuries matters, so Try SoftWave!  Your gut-health matters, so start eating pro-biotic foods, take ION Gut Support and try fasting!  Your sleep matters, so de-stress & decrease your blue-light exposure when the sun goes down!  Your diet matters, so cut-out processed foods, refined sugars, and fast!  Your flexibility & muscle strength matter, so lift some weights and stretch daily!  Your stress level matters, so honor the Sabbath, rest from your labors, and trust your life to the God who loved us enough to give His One & Only Son. Love y’all!!