I believe it’s one of the best questions you’ll ever answer.  I would put forth that there are 4 KEY areas for you to truthfully assess how you’re aging, and not one of them has to do with how many wrinkles you have!!  

  1. How flexible are you? Stretch, walk, limit your time sitting at a computer & if you do – use excellent posture
  2. How strong are you? Lift weights, use exercise bands, jump on a rebounder, walk hills, do body weight exercises like push-ups & squats (There are modifications even if you have certain bodily limitations.) 
  3. How good is your balance? Work on standing on 1 foot every day, practice on both sides
  4. How often do you challenge your brain? Crossword puzzles, engage in meaningful conversations with other people, memorize scripture, math facts, jigsaw puzzles, reading; there are tons of apps available to exercise your brain

Each and every single one of these things can be IMPROVED as you age, and it’s never too late to begin!

Each and every single one of these things take effort, energy, and focus from no one else but you. 

If you want to go the opposite way that the “typical” American ages, then we’ve got work to do and every single second of that work will be worth it!