Thyroid problems are at near epidemic levels in America today.  You are certainly not alone if you struggle with thyroid function.  Something you may not know is that bromide is added to flour for most store-bought products containing it, except in sprouted or flourless breads.  The reason that is significant is that bromide and iodine are almost identical molecularly.  They are so similar in fact, that bromide can occupy the receptor sites for iodine on your thyroid gland.  Iodine is the primary fuel for the thyroid!  When you consume bromide from flour products, the bromide occupies the receptor sites for iodine on your thyroid.  If these receptor sites are occupied already, you cannot absorb iodine!  Iodine is like a spark plug that ignites the engine of your thyroid.  You can even supplement iodine and your body can’t use it if you’re consuming flour!  So, here are some suggestions of foods that you can eat freely for improving thyroid function; then you’ll see the list of foods to avoid or strictly limit.

Eating products with flour can create poor thyroid function, slower metabolism and decrease your immunity.  If you have any health issues at all, if you’ve been to my Eat Well workshop, you already know that I recommend ridding your diet of flour completely!

Eat freely: organic eggs, fresh squeezed orange or grapefruit juice, cashews, sea vegetables, organic beef liver and kidney, lemons & fresh lemon juice, sunflower and sesame seeds, mushrooms, garlic and onions; Sprouted (no flour) grain breads ONLY Ezekiel, sun seed, manna, etc; these 3 good oils only: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, organic unrefined coconut oil, organic clarified butter (called Ghee) which is butter heated and the cream is skimmed off the top taking out the dairy; sea or earth salt from ancient sea beds, fresh made organic vegetable juices, filtered water, fresh made sprouts from organic seeds, nuts & grains.  Supplements to take:  Vitamin A; Vitamin C Complex (500mg each meal); Vitamin E Complex (400 iu/day); Vitamin B Complex (1/meal); Selenium (200 micrograms/day); Chlorella & Cilantro (for heavy metal detox); Probiotics (30 billion count/day), Omega 3 (1500mg/day minimum), Iodine (IF indicated by the iodine patch test, iodine loading test or bloodwork)

Avoid & Strictly Limit:  Monosodium Glutamate (MSG), amino acids: aspartate & glutamate, soy and anything made with soy, all beans except green beans, cabbage esp. raw or undercooked, broccoli esp. raw or undercooked, cauliflower esp. raw or undercooked; commercial breads, crackers & snacks; white flour and anything made with it, commercially raised dairy products, commercially raised chicken, beef or turkey, all oils other than the healthy 3 listed above; peanuts & peanut butter, Brussel sprouts, kale, bok choy, mustard greens kohlrabi, iodized salt, white sugar and anything made with it, artificial sweeteners of any kind.  Supplements/Meds to avoid: Synthroid (replace with Armour or other more natural alternative if you must); estrogen (test hormone levels with saliva test); Birth Control Pills; Excessive Iodine (over and above what meets a deficiency diagnosis), beta carotene, paba, chlorine