I’ve been a Chiropractor officially now for 12 years, and in that time, I have talked to many, many people about their health problems, complaints, struggles and difficulties. But, I’ve also gleaned some incredible insight from those who really do have good health and continue to experience good health. Because of that, I think I can put into 2 categories how most people approach health & healing. Most people tend to fit into either of these camps…I wonder which you think is more effective?

The Crisis-Minded Person

-Waiting until a health crisis happens to take any action toward building health
-Believing that your current level of health is a result of random chance whether it’s good or bad, i.e. you feel like a victim of your genetics, your upbringing, your current situation, your job, your stress, your finances, your schedule, etc…
-When symptoms show up, you ignore them and hope they go away
-Get rid of symptoms at any cost, even if it means causing other body parts to dysfunction

The Wellness-Minded Person

-Taking action daily toward the health outcomes that you want
-Believing that what you have been doing over time has gotten you where you currently are, you reap what you sow…so you are diligent & intentional about what you sow into taking care of your body
-When symptoms show up, you listen to what your body is saying & take some kind of action
-Focus on giving your body what it needs in order to function properly