Today we’re taking a look at pork and the toxic load that eating a lot of pork can have on the human body.  The way pigs were created was with a digestive system that start to finish takes approx. 4 hours to complete mouth to tail (it’s gross, but true).  Because of this, many toxins stay in the pig’s body…eventually making it to whatever consumes it; whereas cattle take around 24 hours to digest their food in four different stomachs which makes their “cleaning” process much more thorough.  Another fact about pigs is they don’t have sweat glands to release toxins in another manner. Pork has other problems for the human consuming it because of parasites like Trichinella, bacteria like Yersinia Enterocolitica, tapeworms, and host of other viruses.

Many people these days are eating more meat because whether you’re doing a Keto diet or even Paleo, the emphasis is on staying away from grains and sugars with higher protein.  I am an advocate of more plant-based diet with “meat on the side.”  Regardless of how you choose to eat, we all need to understand what meats are “healthy” for human consumption and what meats are actually NOT healthy for us to consume at all.  Science is confirming now more than ever that pork is not a healthy choice for us to eat, yet we live in a culture that says otherwise.  It always amazes me that what God tells us in the Bible eventually gets confirmed by science!  I believe this to be the case with pork.  If we trust that God created all the animals, we can also trust that He knew which ones He created to be eaten by humans and which ones He created for other purposes. For example: horses, rats, pigs, vultures, and camels are in the category of “not food for humans” whereas cattle, chickens, many fish, lamb, and bison are!  It’s worth considering as we pursue a healthier life!

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