I get asked often what I use at home for certain ailments or injuries, so I’d like to share a few of those in hopes of it being helpful to you & your family!  This is not intended as medical advice, but a resource to help build your natural remedy cabinet effectively. A few of my favorites are available at Clearview, but most of these things are available at the store, too.  ALWAYS check for medication interactions if you’re taking Rx meds!! 

Ear Infections:  Garlic Oil with Mullein (useful internally UNLESS person has tubes or perforated ear drum, then DO NOT put drops inside the ear); Tanukh Oil for externallyaround the ear to help inflammation (available for sale in our cabinet up front)

Fevers:  Fever is our body’s natural way to clearing infection, so unless it gets too high (this is completely up to your comfort level, and whether or not there’s a history of febrile seizures, etc), Calcium Lactate can be incredibly helpful support for the body during fevers; cool cloths (not cold) on the forehead and back of neck; 

Bruises/Contusions:  Arnica Gel for topical use and/or Arnica pellets for internal use, both are homeopathic and can offer great help for the area effected; Comfrey Cream as well; Soaking in an Epsom salt bath (min. 2 cups of Epsom salt)

Pain Relief (Natural Anti-inflammatories)Turmeric which can be added to food or taken as a supplement, my favorite is called Turiva from OrthoMolecular (in our front cabinet); Tart Cherry JuiceEpsom Salt soaks(min. 2 cups Epsom Salt); Magnesium Malate or Chloride (we have a full-spectrum Mg+ available at Clearview); White Willow Bark tincture or capsules

Natural Muscle RelaxantsValerian Root, my favorite is a blend of herbs called Formula 303, available in our front cabinet; MagnesiumEpsom Salt soaks (which is Mg Sulfate)

ConstipationAloe Vera juice, preferably organic whole-leaf; Magnesium Citrate (full-spectrum Mg+ available at Clearview); increase your FIBER and make sure you’re well-hydrated

Immune SystemVitamin CVitamin D3 (get out in the direct sunshine with as much skin exposed as possible for at least 30 minutes per day (D-Minder is an app that helps you identify the best times in your location), if you cannot get in the sun, NEVER take a synthetic Vitamin D3, always use an animal source, Innate Choice is my favorite, it’s all organic & in easy drops, it’s in our cabinet at Clearview; Zinc (take one with Copper added to help absorption + NEVER take on empty stomach); Vitamin A, my favorite way to get it is in Cod Liver Oil, we have this available in our cabinet up front as well called “A & D Sufficiency”; Genexa homeopathic Cold Crush

Coughs: Nebulizing a solution of: 1 part 3% food-grade hydrogen peroxide (MUST be food-grade) to 4 parts .9% sterile saline solution + 1 drop of Lugol’s 5%, you can dilute this even further with more saline to your preference if it seems too strong for you; you can read a great article including research about it HERE

Sore ThroatsHyssop throat spray for more severe (Kalita, available at Clearview); Olive Leaf throat spray(also at Clearview; Iodine Painting (take a cotton ball soaked in Iodine and paint it on the outside of the throat; may not be suitable for certain thyroid conditions)

SleepMagnesium Glycinate; getting blue light-blocking glasses to wear beginning at sundown and/or turn off all unneeded lights in your house and turn of all screens; Grounding Sheets (or spend time outside with your feet on the ground directly but NOT if you use chemicals on your lawn, or unsealed concrete will work, too); Melatonin (if absolutely necessary, I wouldn’t recommend this as a first choice)