It’s all connected!  It’s true…if your neck is out of alignment, it can affect your shoulder and even your lower back.  If your knee is out of alignment, it can throw your pelvis off because of how your foot hits the ground. If you have an old injury or stiffness in one area of your body, it can cause compensation elsewhere.  There are limitless scenarios of how we see this play out each day with different people, different history of traumas, different activities we all do each day.  One of the simplest things to do is mention to me if you have any extremity issues that you didn’t realize might be connected.  If your foot is hurting or your shoulder feels stiff it could possibly just need an adjustment.  All of our joints function better and feel better when they’re in alignment!  Your spine is the primary area we focus on because it’s the most important neurologically.  But, that doesn’t mean it’s all the matters.  We want you to feel better and function better in your whole body!