The world has a million ways to temporarily satisfy a weary soul. But, people can’t fill your void, neither can enough alone-time, not food, coffee, alcohol, shopping nor Netflix…you get my point. When we need true replenishment, there’s really one place that is trustworthy to meet the desperate need of a human heart, and that’s the Creator of it.  Yes, thankfully, people can be a blessing during the times we’re weary. Yes, a good cup of coffee (hot tea is my preference) with quiet when your life has been too loud, or being with friends if your life has been too quiet can be life-giving and cup-filling. But, the underlying questions are: what is your deepest need, and why are you feeling empty to begin with? Has it been a season of incredibly high stress or responsibility? Has your focus been on something or someone who you’ve decided to put first, and really that’s the last thing you should’ve done? Are you dealing with guilt, fear, or unforgiveness that’s wearing you down?  No matter what your answer to those questions (and the answers ARE incredibly important), the deep-down fact is that your Creator cares, He sees, and He is not far off.  Yeshua (Jesus) told His disciples in John 16 about hard times that would come, “I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace.  In the world you will have tribulation.  But take heart, I have overcome the world.”  Take heart. In other words, as much peace as Jesus offers us by faith in Him, we still have to choose to take hold of it, to take hold of Him in the midst of the tribulation. We cannot reach out and grasp at a thousand lesser things and still gain victory that can only come from Him. He’s worth reaching out for.  Just ask the woman with the issue of blood who was sick for 12 years. She spent her entire life savings grasping at answers from physicians, yet one day she had the guts to reach out to Yeshua, and by that simple act, she received exactly what she needed. Reach out your hand to Him today, and watch how true replenishment can heal your soul.  Read her story in Luke 8:43-48