If you have been to my Eat Well Workshop before, you already know how highly I recommend making your own beef or chicken bone broths. There are so many benefits to your health in general, particularly your digestion and your joints. But, you might not know that you can get the great benefits from bone broth and you don’t have to boil bones in your crockpot for 24 hours. That’s right! It’s the dehydrated form of broth in powder form.

You can buy super-clean, kosher, grass-fed beef gelatin powder. The brand I recommend is “Great Lakes” and it’s available on Amazon. The red bottle can be used for gelling purposes, i.e. making homemade jello or gummies. The green bottle will dissolve in liquid without gelling, so it’s great for smoothies or adding to your favorite hot drink.

Now – let’s discuss all the benefits: beef gelatin is full of awesome collagen and amino acids. Collagen depletion leads to wrinkles in your skin. It’s way more effective to add collagen to your diet than rubbing it on your skin in cream form. Collagen intake helps with stretch marks and cellulite as well. Notice I did not say it’s a cure…but it helps ;). Gelatin is great for your bones, containing calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and trace minerals. The chondroitin in gelatin helps with connective tissues like joints, cartilage, ligaments and tendons. The amino acids support your adrenal glands (which get taxed when you are stressed), your metabolism and your hormones. So, overall it’s a great addition to your supplement routine. It’s always best to get your nutrients from your food. If you don’t have the time or want to make the effort to do bone broth, this gelatin powder is the next best thing!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Campbell’s Classic Dairy from Cleburne is now delivering to Acton (in our parking lot) every other Wednesday. They offer a private membership to purchase grass-fed beef, raw milk products, pasture-raised chicken and pork, raw local honey, etc…contact Regina at campbellsclassicdairy@yahoo.com for more info!