(excerpts taken from a great article found @ https://wellnessmama.com/health/sweating-benefits/ where you can find all the links to each study mentioned below)

  1. Detoxing your body  Did you know that your skin is the your largest organ in your body and is part of your detox system? Sweat works as a way for your body to expel toxins in your body. One study found those with mercury toxicity had their levels return to a safe amount after sweating. Working up a sweat also excretes impurities like arsenic, cadmium, and lead. With our world experiencing record levels of industrial pollution, toxic heavy metal buildup is a major concern. A study of Chinese residents found those with more physical activity had fewer toxins. The researchers also reported heavy metal elimination was more concentrated in sweat than urine. This seems to show that those who exercised had fewer toxins because they perspired more.
  2. Healthier Skin  Like the gut, our skin has its own microbiome balance. Sweat may act as a prebiotic that contributes to healthy skin bacteria. Deep sweating (like from intense exercise) can also help with our skincare routine. Sweating boosts skin cell turnover and removes pathogenic bacteria from the skin to help with acne and breakouts.
  3. Reduce Menopause symptoms  Estrogen dominance is thought to be the culprit behind menopausal hot flashes in women, but sweating may be the answer. Researchers found that women who got their heart rate up and sweated during menopause had fewer hot flashes. 
  4. Lower Risk of Kidney Stones  There’s another bonus to sweating more often. More women over 50 are getting kidney stones than ever before, but sweating may help. Researchers at the University of Washington found the benefits of sweating through consistent exercise reduces this risk. Over time, too much salt and calcium can form kidney stones. Sweating boosts the body’s natural balance and directs calcium to our bones instead.