Since my L5 disc herniation in late April, I’ve been researching even more ways to help our bodies to heal more efficiently and more effectively.  Truly, the more I read and research, I’m finding that our modern world has disconnected us from so many of the ways that God designed our bodies to heal and repair.  Grounding/Earthing is one of these things, and it has nothing to do with anything new-agey, it’s ancient and true that we’re supposed to touch the ground with our hands and feet. This is one reason that we all feel better when we get outside, especially if we’re barefoot (maybe not when it’s 108, but you get my point). At our house, we’ve been using grounding sheets while we sleep for about 8 weeks and I can honestly say I believe this has been a piece of the puzzle for my own healing to speed up.  

If you’re not even sure what I’m talking about, allow me to explain: grounding is when we put our bare feet (hands, or bodies) on the ground, we pick up electrons from the earth’s natural energy fields thus changing our bodies’ charge from positive to negative which puts us into a state of healing/repair.  If you can – everyday get out on the dirt, grass or unsealed concrete with your bare skin touching the ground.  For thousands of years, humans have naturally been connected to the ground with leather-soled shoes or going barefoot, sleeping on the ground with animal skins as cover and sitting/squatting down on the actual ground to rest.  Truly it’s been just the past 200 years or so that we’ve slowly begun our dis-connection from the natural energy-flow we’d be getting from the ground.  Like so many other things in modernity, it’s been much to the detriment of our health.  

Today, you can ground 100% for FREE by getting outside and getting your feet on the ground, BUT if you aren’t willing or can’t do that, you do have other options!  You can buy grounding sheets for your bed, which contain silver conducting threads and connect to the grounding portion of an electrical outlet in your bedroom.  You can purchase grounding pads to sit on at work and even in your car. 

Benefits of Grounding/Earthing:

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