The Big Idea is this: your body was created both fearfully & wonderfully according to Psalm 139. That means that your body was designed by God, Who loves you. He did not mess up the design, in fact, He made it to function and heal magnificently, with an Innate Intelligence that regulates every single function!

I want you to know that Chiropractic is about 1 thing…it’s about making sure that your

body is able to function at it’s best.

Chiropractic adjustments are about ensuring that your nervous system is free and clear of any interference. Because your nervous system regulates every function, literally all 75 trillion cells in the human body…Chiropractic is for everyone.

Chiropractic is for the infant who had a traumatic birth or a normal birth, for the aerobics instructor, for the teenage football player, for the vibrantly healthy pregnant mom, for the middle-aged woman diagnosed with cancer, the 3rd grader with chronic colds & allergies, for the grandfather with kidney failure, for the pastor who leads his congregation, for the schoolteacher who shapes our children, for the orthopedic surgeon. It’s for anyone who wants to function better in their body & their brain.

I want to tell you why I choose to go to the Chiropractor. My chiropractor is Dr. Dickey at Parker County Family Chiropractic off of I-20 in Aledo. I go every Friday morning. I go when I feel great, I go when I feel bad. I DO NOT go based on my symptoms. I go based on what my body requires to stay working at optimal function. I go to stay well!

This is what I hope for you to learn here at Clearview. The decisions you make today about how you eat, move, and think will inevitably determine your level of health in 1, 5, even 10 years down the road. What if you start to make choices that drive you toward Health & away from Disease? What if you decided that you would focus on what is good instead of what is wrong? What if you decided that you would get adjusted because of what it does FOR your body & FOR your nervous system, instead of merely hoping it will help your aches & pains.

Helping aches and pains is the VERY LEAST Chiropractic can do for you. I challenge you to take advantage of lifetime chiropractic wellness care because of what it does FOR your entire system. We all have stressful things in our life that can get us out of whack. God made your body so awesome, so give it a chance to work at it’s best!

I am committed to living a drug-free, natural, active life where I do my best to have Real Faith, eat Real Food, and have Real Function in by body everyday. I am certainly NOT perfect, but just making every effort possible to drive myself toward Health. Will you join me? God Bless You Today!