Forgiveness is one of the hardest and most rewarding skills to develop in life.  I’ve heard it said that unforgiveness is like drinking poison yourself, and expecting the other person you’re angry with to be effected.  The truth is that unforgiveness hurts one primary person, and that’s you…if you make the choice to hold onto unforgiveness and then you’re not the only one who’s hurt anymore, you begin to hurt your other relationships because you’re holding on to that poison and beginning to spread it around.  

But, there’s thankfully another way.  

You can forgive the offense. 

You can let go of the bitterness.  

It doesn’t make the person who wronged you right, it makes you FREE from the bitter poison.  Once you let go of the unforgiveness you’re holding, it changes things; you no longer have the daily battle of carrying the emotional weight smack dab on your shoulders or the evil claws in your spine.  Unforgiveness kills you and forgiveness sets you free.  And God’s Word is not silent about this subject.  Let it never be lost on us how much we’ve been forgiven when we’ve given our lives to Yeshua the Messiah (Jesus the Christ).  How can we withhold forgiveness when we’ve been offered the greatest pardon of all time?  You can forgive even those people who don’t deserve it, you can forgive those who don’t even know they’ve wronged you…you can do it because with God’s help all things are possible.  Pray about it, ask for His help, and most importantly ask for His forgiveness when you have failed and sinned and broken His perfect law that brings life. 

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