Just a few weeks ago I promised I would let y’all know what 3rd item I leave in my living room floor to help my physical body.  If you’ll remember, the 1st was the Bosu ball, second was the mini-trampoline, and #3 is…the foam roller.  Muscle work is incredibly important for a number of reasons!  I get adjusted weekly with my chiropractor to keep my body in alignment and I get a massage every other week.  The foam roller is something you can do that is inexpensive and easy to fit into your daily routine.  A very common cause of lower back pain is tight hamstring muscles.  Runners often suffer with IT Band syndrome.  New moms have issues with their upper back from nursing and carrying growing babies.  All of these issues can be addressed with foam rolling! Some of the really great benefits to using a foam roller for your muscles:

As with any new regimen in exercise, ask for details if you’re not sure about how to do this!  I am happy to help you figure out how this can work for your issues specifically.

Check out this great article if you want to know more:  https://draxe.com/foam-roller-exercises/