At the end of each calendar year always seems like a good time to take note of what you want to leave behind and what you want to focus on in the next year. It seems like a beautiful time to take actual intentional time to ask God for direction, to give thanks for what He has done and brought you through in the past year & decade and really seek Him for what His will is for the next one.  There is an amazing scripture in Revelation 5:8 that refers to the prayers of Believers being stored up in golden bowls…which go up as incense before Yehovah.  God really cares about what we pray about; what we’re willing to bring to Him in prayer. I’m pondering this: What am I on-record in Heaven about?  Who have I lifted up in prayer?  And why? I want to be on record for things concerning my family and friends; I want to be on record for seemingly impossible situations and miracles and even the simplest of things.  Do we really trust God with our lives?  Our loved ones?  Our futures?  Our nation?  And If so, or even if not…why?  Are there disappointments we need to bring to Him?  Are there victories we’ve forgotten to come back and give Him thanks?  The answer to all these things is that we can still pray.  It’s such a simple thing to do, yet one of the most difficult at times.  He doesn’t require fancy words or even many words. We can still humble ourselves before Him and ask Him for help.  He is a God who runs to rescue all who will humble themselves before Him.  He is faithful.  And even if you doubt that statement, I encourage you to pray anyway, and be honest with God.  He already knows what’s in your heart anyway; you might be amazed at what 5 minutes spent honestly pouring your heart out can do!  He is God, He is good, He is not confused about where you are or how you feel. He knows and He is trustworthy. So, here’s an encouragement from one human-being to another, remember we have the privilege of coming to our Heavenly Father in prayer and He cares so much about you that He stores your prayers up in golden bowls…may you fill many golden bowls in 2020.