On Tuesday, July 18th 5:30pm we’re having our next workshop centering around answering questions about this subject…REGARDLESS of what decision you make, knowing both sides of the decision are critical in making a genuinely informed-choice.  That is our only goal!  

We do have incredible rights in the State of Texas where this is concerned, and the more you know about those the more freedom you get to exercise.  We’ll be discussing things like how the human immune system works, knowing the historical significance of shots and what potential ingredients can do in the human body.  What risk factors exist?  What alternatives exist?  How do you build your immune system and/or your child’s immune system?  What about shots recommended during pregnancy?  What is the science telling us about safety of pre-born babies when mother’s receive these?  This plus a host of other information will be discussed around this subject matter.  We want to be able to point you to places where more answers exist so that you and your family can be fully informed before you decide…therefore we encourage you to educate yourself before you decide!  Call us at (817)326-1174 or email office@clearviewchiropractic.net to RSVP.

This is not an endorsement of this particular podcast channel – yet I will whole-heartedly recommend you listen to the interview with Joe Rogan and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. from June 15, 2023 on Spotify if this subject interests you at all, it is well worth 3 hours of your time in my opinion: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3DQfcTY4viyXsIXQ89NXvg?si=m6orjpUmREC7DjJD-nY8qQ