1. Keep sugar in check.   This time of year is notorious for massive sugar intake; just think about it:  Halloween candy, then come all the yummy “Fall Specialty Drinks” at your favorite coffee shop, Thanksgiving pies, and Christmas parties galore.  Sugar KILLS your immune system!!!
  2. Double down on the Vitamin C for every sugary treat you consume. I would recommend a minimum of 3000mg of Vit. C daily, and up to 10,000mg/day if you feel a bit of sickness coming on (just half those doses for kids).  The worst thing that can happen with too much Vit. C is diarrhea, so if you get loose stools just cut down a bit.
  3. Vitamin D3! We have less sunshine now that the time has changed and with colder weather we’ll be outside in the sun even less.  Daily Vitamin D just 1000-2000iu is a great idea.  Double it if you’re feeling sick.
  4. Elderberry Syrup is amazing for the immune system! 1 tsp/day for maintenance, and you can take that amt. per hour if you feel sickness coming on or if you get exposed to someone who is sick.
  5. Y’all know I’m always talking about the importance of the good bacteria in our gut and the relation to immunity. You MUST have good bacteria in sufficient amounts in your gut to fight of disease of any kind!  I recommend 15billion/day for adults and at least 6-7billion/day for kids.
  6. Get adjusted regularly. I mean this from the bottom of my heart.  Whether it is weekly, every other week or once a month, getting adjusted does massively helpful things for your immunity. If you feel like you’re getting sick, come and get adjusted asap!
  7. Need I comment on my opinion of flu shots? You can probably guess my stance, but in short, no I do not recommend them.  Do steps 1-6 and you won’t need to even think about it.
  8. ***Bonus info: keep some “Activated Charcoal” handy at all times.  Activated charcoal is the best thing to do if you get exposed to a stomach bug or even start having signs of it.  Even for little ones you can open a capsule (warning: it’s MESSY!) and put it in water.  It turns the water black but it won’t change the taste.  Adults take 3 capsules every 2 hours until the bug is gone.