Robert W. Malone, M.D., M.S. (President Global Covid Summit) is one of the leading scientists who originally developed mRNA vaccine technology, he’s not an anti-vaccine person, he’s actually very pro-vaccine because it’s his industry.  This is a gentleman we might want to listen to when it comes to the Covid-19 vaccine because he is an expert in this field and an expert in how and why the technology was intended to be used.  Dr. Malone concluded his heavily-scientific talk to medical doctors and scientists in Florida over the weekend with this statement,

“Three key points, put this in your brain, share it in social media, get it out to your peers:  There is no reason to vaccinate children.  They don’t have a risk of disease. #2, natural immunity is superior to vaccine-induced immunity, full stop. And don’t vaccinate those with natural immunity.  #3, don’t interfere with physicians who are providing life-saving medications to their patients, STOP IT!” 

Dr. Malone was the first in a long line of medical experts presenting talks in the state of Florida over the weekend for continuing education for medical doctors; he shared his own experience of having a reaction to the Covid shots he himself received.  His talk was enlightening and encouraging as he gave more fuel to the fire in the hearts of those of us who believe in standing up against this insanity persisting in our nation.  Smart and capable men and women are being told they must bow their knee to powers that be telling them they need the jab or they can’t work.  These same powers are saying that natural immunity “doesn’t count” even though every medical expert who knows anything would tell you the exact opposite…and finally the powers that be are now all-in propaganda overloading us with lies that children “need” to be vaccinated for Covid-19 now, regardless of their inability to prove safety.  According to expert after expert at the Florida Summit, these are malicious lies that will continue to lead to the detriment of Americans in all sorts of ways unless we stand up.  

Watch the full summit here: