Life can get hard; we live in a constant bombardment of bad news and things can wear you down if you’re not allowing yourself to be re-charged in your heart & mind.  If you’re going to live like the Bible says, taking up your cross daily and following Yeshua (Jesus), it constantly requires swimming upstream. The world’s under-current is so strong and will continually attempt to pull you down.  If we’re going to rise above it all, we have to keep our eyes on Yeshua, looking unto Him, following after Him, being about the Father’s business just like He is. I really love the scripture above from Galatians, maybe someone needs to be reminded of that today!

  I want to share a quote I heard from my friend, Karen – 

Disappointment with God is nothing more than a premature conclusion, causing you to stop reading before the end of the story and thus enfeebling your ability to pray.”   

-unknown author  

*** REMINDER:  Dr. Sharla will be out of the office from Feb 13-22Dr. Jennifer Cullen will see you at her office in Glen Rose if needed during that time; SoftWave appointments with Kaci & Lytrecia WILL STAY ON NORMAL SCHEDULE at Clearview during that time! ***