If you’re in my generation, you’re probably already singing the hook from the song from 1999.  But, that’s actually NOT what I’m talking about 🙂 I have this new theory on making decisions about the food I eat, which I am going to share with y’all today because it has simplified my life significantly.  I began changing my eating habits for the most part about 12 years ago. It was within the past 5 years that I really focused on adding superfoods and nutrient-dense foods into my diet.  But, being a working mom of a 4 year-old and my husband being fairly particular about his food, sometimes it just gets burdensome to think about what food I’m preparing or if we’re eating out more than we should.  So, even knowing what I know…and teaching about organic/clean eating in my EatWell workshop every 3 months here at Clearview…I still needed something really simple to help me make a decision in the moment of whether I will or won’t put a certain food into my body.  So, this my deal.

4 out of every 5 things I eat per day need to check-off a minimum of 1 of these:

If I can check off both Fresh & Clean = VICTORY!  Obviously, very few of us will eat this way 100% of the time, but for me & my life right now…80% is my goal & it is working!  Here’s my guideline…Fresh means fresh, pretty straight-forward…foods that are not boxed, not canned, not processed, not pre-made, nor pre-cooked.  Clean means that it’s organic, non-GMO, no toxic ingredients, no additives of any kind.  For me, it’s given so much freedom and a simple-to-remember checklist (only 2 questions to ask myself!) and I can make sure that 4 out of 5 things I choose to eat meet those criteria.  We get 1 body in this lifetime; we have to take care of it!  Fuel yourself well!!!