The stronger your core, the more stable your spine.  Period. In my experience as a Chiropractor, patients who have the strongest core, generally have fewer back problems…let that exclude those who do a whole lot of ‘dead-lifts’ with heavy weight (that can create a host of back injuries).  Stronger core muscles help your body stay in alignment as well!  My favorite core strength exercise is the plank.

**If you have a very weak core, try this same form only go to your knees instead of your toes.

Here are some things to consider, if you want to remain in good form:

DO broaden your shoulders

DO tuck your butt in a little and squeeze

DO take deep breaths in as you contract your abdominal and back muscles

DO keep your head and neck neutral, looking toward the floor


DO NOT arch your back

DO NOT lower your hips too much

DO NOT look up in front of you