There are some really basic how-to’s when it comes to clean eating…#1: eat fresh food more than you eat processed food. The less processed food you put into your body the better; the more whole, natural, unprocessed food you put into your body the better as well. There are nutrient-dense foods that yield benefits to your entire system, and there are foods on the other end of the spectrum that not only yield “zero” health benefit but actually catapult you into the negative health = sickness realm. Inflammatory foods subtract health while whole, clean foods add health. Inflamed bodies are sick and pain-ridden bodies. At the same time, bodies which are acidic are typically the same. So, how can we actually move away from inflammation and acidity? What we eat and what we drink is how we do that. What we supplement in addition to our diet is another way. I don’t believe you need 53 supplements on top of a healthy diet to actually BE healthy, but I absolutely believe some supplements are critical. Your gut biome is one of the most important things you can invest in, as far as your health goes. If you’ve ever taken antibiotics, you literally wiped out your gut-biome. If you never eat fermented foods, if you never take good quality probiotics, and/or if you never drink things like kefir or kombucha you very likely lack the proper amount of good bacteria in your gut. This effects not only your digestion, but also your brain function in major ways. These are just a few things we’ll be discussing Tuesday night at our Eat Well workshop, you’re welcome to join us, we still have seats available! Clearview Chiropractic, 5:30pm-6:15pm, Tuesday February 1st, 2022.