Your spinal bones begin to deform. Your discs first swell, then shrink. Your ligaments, tendons and muscles begin to harden and weaken. Your entire spinal column loses its balance, flexibility, stability and strength. What is happening? Your spine is degenerating. It’s what we commonly call “osteoarthritis” or just plain, “arthritis.” In addition to spinal damage, your nerves, body chemistry and internal organs can also be affected. Spinal degeneration leads to less overall ability to adapt to the pressures of life. It causes you to lose the spring in your step and the youth in your being. It also causes you to lose height as your spinal structures shrink.

Most people believe they lose height only when they get “older.” Does that mean that, at age 65, you wake up and find yourself shorter? Of course not! The loss of height is silent, slow and gradual, and can begin in your 20’s and 30’s! Spinal degeneration is like tooth decay in that it is often a painless process. By the time a person notices its effects or feels any pain, it has been going on for many years!

When vertebrae become misaligned, they CANNOT move properly. Subluxations (misalignments) can irritate the surrounding nerves, bones, discs, blood vessels, ligaments and other soft tissues, causing them to age and deteriorate. It is often painless and very common; they are a “hidden epidemic.” But, don’t worry…it can be helped & greatly improved!!!

Chiropractic adjustments can reduce, halt and even reverse spinal degeneration by improving spinal balance and posture and keeping your joints, nerves and discs healthy and strong throughout your lifetime. Getting adjusted is the SINGLE BEST way to ensure your spine stays healthy for your lifetime!