Have you ever noticed that changing a habit is hard work?  That’s what we’re going to discuss at the upcoming Tuesday night wellness workshop here at Clearview!  Join us July 19th @ 5:30pm.

If you and I can get a grasp on how we are wired, how we are influenced, and what gifts we are equipped with to overcome wrong thinking or wrong beliefs…THEN we hold some really powerful tools to make the changes that can seem insurmountable at times.

It may be your eating habits.  That tends to be the first subject that comes up when it comes to self-control.  But, maybe your area of struggle is relationships and controlling your tongue.  Maybe for you it’s the motivation to move your body when you’d rather be lazy.  Perhaps you struggle with thoughts that overwhelm you and feel powerless to be happy or joyful.  Whatever realm of our lives we choose, these principles of lasting changes can be applied.  I hope you’ll join me next Tuesday!  Let’s get free of some things holding us back and live in victory over things that have held us back for entirely too long.