Reasons to Make Sure Your Lymph is Moving!!

Stagnant Lymphatics in your body can have way more negative effects than just swollen ankles and overall lymphedema.  Your lymphatic system can get stagnant with a lack of movement/exercise, with shallow breathing habits (lack of diaphragm movement), and even can be effected by scar tissue in your body!   Your Lymphatic system is a huge part of […]

Strength, Flexibility, Balance and Aging Well

Few things matter more than maintaining your health as you age…just ask anyone who has lost their health for any reason!  Muscle weakness, loss of flexibility, and loss of balance play major roles in how our bodies function.  Needless to say, how we’re eating effects these things along with how much mental/emotional stress we’re under as well.   How do […]

5 Reasons to Start Building STRENGTH in Your Core Today!!

Strong muscles in your abs, lower back, glutes, inner thighs, pelvic floor & diaphragm:       *Stabilize your spine       *Increase your balance           *Reduce pain              *Prevent injuries                 *Improve posture I think everyone is in for experiencing these 5 things…but the reality is that your core will not get strong on its own!!  You have to DO something to have strong muscles. […]

Helpful Things to have at Home

I get asked often what I use at home for certain ailments or injuries, so I’d like to share a few of those in hopes of it being helpful to you & your family!  This is not intended as medical advice, but a resource to help build your natural remedy cabinet effectively. A few of my […]

Important Information from the National Vaccine Information Center (

Public Health Officials and Doctors Cannot Predict Who will be Harmed by a Vaccine or an Infectious Disease, or Guarantee that the Vaccinated are Incapable of being Infected or Transmitting Disease. Informed Consent: Access to Risk/Benefit Information, and Voluntary, Consumer Choice without Sanction or Penalty. DID YOU KNOW… Informed Consent – A Basic Human Right The […]

How Well Are You Aging?

I believe it’s one of the best questions you’ll ever answer.  I would put forth that there are 4 KEY areas for you to truthfully assess how you’re aging, and not one of them has to do with how many wrinkles you have!!   Each and every single one of these things can be IMPROVED as you […]

What are You Doing TODAY to Feel & Function Better TOMORROW?

I love a fresh start, don’t you?  No better time than the present to implement some things that you can do RIGHT NOW that will inevitably have a positive effect on how you feel & function in your mind, in your heart, and in your body tomorrow.  I want to remind you of some things we’ve discussed in these weekly articles over the past year.  It’s […]

The Aggressive Pursuit of Comfort

I was listening to a great podcast with Gary Brecka, a former research scientist for the life insurance industry.  He spent 20+ years of his career estimating the likelihood of an individual dying within the time that their life insurance policy covered, just by studying their body/blood measurements and lifestyle.  What he said just really stuck with […]

You Don’t Need To Be a Body Builder…BUT…

You could really, really benefit from lifting weights and/or doing some body weight exercises multiple times per week!  Let me share with you just a few benefits of gaining muscle mass on purpose as you age, this means everyone (ESPECIALLY if you’re a woman over 30)!! Benefits of increasing muscle mass:

Benefits of Castor Oil Packs

Another health-supporting practice I’ve been implementing in my own journey of healing has to do with using castor oil packs!  Castor oil comes from castor beans and it’s not new by any means…it’s actually been used for hundreds of years for different healing purposes!  The primary way I’ve used castor oil is with packs where you apply […]