You Don’t Need To Be a Body Builder…BUT…

You could really, really benefit from lifting weights and/or doing some body weight exercises multiple times per week!  Let me share with you just a few benefits of gaining muscle mass on purpose as you age, this means everyone (ESPECIALLY if you’re a woman over 30)!! Benefits of increasing muscle mass:

Benefits of Castor Oil Packs

Another health-supporting practice I’ve been implementing in my own journey of healing has to do with using castor oil packs!  Castor oil comes from castor beans and it’s not new by any means…it’s actually been used for hundreds of years for different healing purposes!  The primary way I’ve used castor oil is with packs where you apply […]

4 Critical Pieces in the Healing Puzzle

God created the human body to heal & repair even as we age. What we do (which ultimately demonstrates what we believe) has a massive effect on that process!

If You Give a Healthy Person a Drug…

If you give a health person a drug — what do YOU think would happen?  Would that medication actually make a health person healthier?  I wonder why we believe giving a sick/unhealthy person more drugs will cause them to return to health?  Have you ever really thought about that?  When was the last time you heard of someone who […]

Blue Light and Sleep Cycles

 As part of the full spectrum of sunlight, blue light helps to regulate your natural sleep and wake cycles, known as your circadian rhythm.  It suppresses the production of melatonin, your sleep hormone, and stimulates the release of cortisol, boosting alertness and keeping you awake. One substantial reason that people have trouble sleeping or winding down […]

Get Your Feet on the Ground!

Since my L5 disc herniation in late April, I’ve been researching even more ways to help our bodies to heal more efficiently and more effectively.  Truly, the more I read and research, I’m finding that our modern world has disconnected us from so many of the ways that God designed our bodies to heal and repair.  Grounding/Earthing […]

Embracing the Little things Day by Day for your Health

If I could give you some of the most simple advice for your health, truly it would be to embrace taking the small steps toward healing every day that you’re able to do now.  Whether it’s exercise, fasting, drinking enough water – I believe what often holds us back is our assumption that if we can’t […]

Education Before You Decide

On Tuesday, July 18th 5:30pm we’re having our next workshop centering around answering questions about this subject…REGARDLESS of what decision you make, knowing both sides of the decision are critical in making a genuinely informed-choice.  That is our only goal!   We do have incredible rights in the State of Texas where this is concerned, and the […]

Gut Microbiome & Mental Health

This week’s article is way longer than normal, but there’s a reason.  I want you to be aware of the things that you will very likely never hear at your Medical Doctor’s office (unless you specifically seek out one practicing Functional Medicine) or on mainstream media.  Big Pharma wants us all on as many medications as possible […]

Why Connective Tissue Is So Important & 3 Things To Do If It’s Injured

First things first: What is connective tissue?  It’s the tissue in our bodies that supports structures like our spinal column and organs, it connects the bones of different joints together and muscles to the joints which they move.  We know connective tissue most commonly as tendons, ligaments, discs, bone and cartilage; even fat tissue is connective tissue. […]