Each and every day our brains are hit with an onslaught of abuses. The herb rosemary contains an ingredient that fights off free radical damage in the brain, something that was published by the Burnham Institute in ‘07. The active ingredient in rosemary, called Carnosic Acid, acts to protect the brain from stroke and neurodegeneration that is due to damaging chemical free radicals.

These free radicals are thought to contribute not only to stroke and diseases like Alzheimer’s, but also to the ill effects of normal aging on the brain, i.e. the loss of a sharp memory as you age.  Scientists are developing new “cousins” to this active ingredient in Rosemary because of the promising results.  These would be in the form of prescription drugs, of course, which we know almost always come with a downside.  My point in sharing with you about Rosemary is the hopes that you’ll consider adding more of it to your diet!

In addition to adding rosemary herb to your diet to help your memory and protect your brain, you can also

~rub rosemary essential oil directly on your scalp after showering

~take 2 tbls of Coconut Oil as a supplement

~put 2 drops Frankincense oil on the roof of your mouth and rub it in

~take your Omega 3 supplements daily

~Add green leafy veggies to your daily diet

~Vitamin D3 & CoQ10