The simple and unassuming mini-tramp can have unbelievable benefits for your body & health!  Bouncing, not even full-on jumping is all it takes to glean great benefits.  Let me list a few of those benefits of doing just 3 short sessions of 3-5 minutes per day:

  • Stimulates your digestive system, which means better digestion
  • Great for increasing bone mass, i.e. preventing & overcoming osteopenia or osteoporosis, so if you’ve been diagnosed with either, rebounding could be a great option
  • Great exercise with virtually NO stress/strain on your ankles & kneesvs. high impact exercises, which is fantastic for extending the life of your joints 
  • Circulation of oxygen throughout your body
  • Improves muscle tone in the whole body
  • Increases balance by stimulating the vestibule in your middle ear