Natural Approaches to Anxiety and Depression

Anxiety and depression effect untold numbers of people in America. One of my biggest passions is helping you #1-understand that your body was created to heal and function properly,  #2-that there are ways to help your body heal naturally without relying on prescription medications; certain lifestyle choices can rapidly begin to change the trajectory of […]

What SALT should you use?

Salt is found on every table in America, so could 1 simple change in what you buy at the grocery store make a difference in your health?  I would say emphatically, YES!! Here’s why:                 Nutritional Breakdown: The Key Differences between Iodized Table Salt and healthier alternatives like Celtic Grey Sea Salt and Redmond Salt from the ancient sea beds […]

Inquire of the LORD

What might we save ourselves from and/or what victories might we gain, if we were so humble and dependent upon Yehovah directing our footsteps as King David was then??   It’s definitely worth some thought & prayer…   

Reasons to Make Sure Your Lymph is Moving!!

Stagnant Lymphatics in your body can have way more negative effects than just swollen ankles and overall lymphedema.  Your lymphatic system can get stagnant with a lack of movement/exercise, with shallow breathing habits (lack of diaphragm movement), and even can be effected by scar tissue in your body!   Your Lymphatic system is a huge part of […]

Strength, Flexibility, Balance and Aging Well

Few things matter more than maintaining your health as you age…just ask anyone who has lost their health for any reason!  Muscle weakness, loss of flexibility, and loss of balance play major roles in how our bodies function.  Needless to say, how we’re eating effects these things along with how much mental/emotional stress we’re under as well.   How do […]

Appointed Times on God’s Calendar in the Spring

From the time of the Exodus, God instituted a celebration in the Spring to be held on the 14th day of the first month on His Calendar (it’s not the same as our Gregorian calendars we use in most places on earth today).  These times and seasons are listed in Leviticus 23, and the one we just […]

Wheat & Rice – What You REALLY NEED to Know if You Want to Be Healthy!

Refined and so-called “enriched” grains are some of the most toxic & deficient things we can put into our bodies!  Here’s why…to make white flour, wheat is sifted so that the bran & germ are removed leaving only white flour, then it’s bleached.  Bran contains the protein & fiber, the germ contains the nutrients like Vitamin E, B-Vitamins, iron and trace minerals. […]


April 15-18  Dr. Sharla adjusting ONLY, Dr. Alex on vacation; SoftWave with Kaci is normal Monday April 22  Dr. Alex adjusting Only, Adjustments BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!! Kaci’s SoftWave schedule is normal Tuesday, April 23  CLOSED for Passover and the beginning of the Feast of Unleavened Bread Monday, April 29  CLOSED for the last day of the Feast of […]

5 Reasons to Start Building STRENGTH in Your Core Today!!

Strong muscles in your abs, lower back, glutes, inner thighs, pelvic floor & diaphragm:       *Stabilize your spine       *Increase your balance           *Reduce pain              *Prevent injuries                 *Improve posture I think everyone is in for experiencing these 5 things…but the reality is that your core will not get strong on its own!!  You have to DO something to have strong muscles. […]

The Lifter of our Heads

But you, O LORD, are a shield about me, my glory, and the lifter of my head. I cried aloud to the Lord, and he answered me from his holy hill. Selah   (Psalm 3:3-4) These 2 verses have encouraged my heart so often the past few weeks.  There’s something about knowing that you can cry out to God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who hears from […]