“… omega 3 fatty acids from fish oil are NOT a treatment for diseases; they are essential nutrients that, if not consumed in sufficient amounts, make it impossible to genetically express homeostatic cellular function and health… 

Let me explain what “Homeostatic cellular function and health” means:

It means your trillions of cells are working in concert with one another in a state of balance, this is required in order for your body to express healthy function.

…When you are deficient in essential nutrients you are, by definition, sick, regardless of whether or not you have a diagnosed illness or risk factor. When a person (who is) deficient in essential nutrients becomes sufficient they become, by definition, healthier, whether they have a diagnosed illness or not and whether or not a diagnosed illness they already have gets cured or slowed in progression.”   – Dr. James Chestnut

For the past 10+ years I have been recommending Innate Choice as the primary supplements for my patients BECAUSE I believe we should be supplementing the essential nutrients our body requires for health.  That is why you find Omega 3, Vitamin D3, Probiotics, Organic Whole Food MultiVitamin-Minerals on our shelf.  If we are going to express healthy function in our bodies we DO need daily supplements to fill in the gaps of what essential nutrients we don’t get from our food.  We also need adjustments to keep our bodies aligned, strong posture & core muscles, cardiac endurance, organic fruits/veggies, clean sources of protein, filtered water, positive thoughts and faith in the Holy God who sent His Son so that we might be free!