Obesogens are artificial chemicals that are found in various food containers, cookware and plastics. They have become known as a subset of hormone-disrupters.  There are 20 chemicals termed “Obesogens” since around 2006, but are you suffering the side-effects and totally unaware of it?

The most common obesogens include phthalates (cosmetics, sunscreen, detergents), BPA (plastics, aluminum drink cans, bottles of cooking oil), PCBs (common in paper, plastic & rubber products), ATZs (2nd most commonly used herbicide in America), TBTs (toxic agent found in paint), PFOAsand cigarette smoke.

Here are ways to minimize exposure:  Avoid foods stored in plastic; Use glass containers and bottles; Do not microwave plastics;; If purchasing cosmetics, use organic and natural products; When using products in plastic, look for containers that are BPA- and phthalate-free; Use “fragrance-free” products; Choose cast iron or stainless steel cookware; Do not purchase stain-resistant or flame-retardant carpets or furniture; Use a water filter, such as granular activated carbon and reverse osmosis filter systems; Eat fresh foods (including fruits and vegetables) whenever possible following the Dirty Dozen list (see this link for the latest list); understand that many Rx medications are hormone-disrupters as well.

For more information regarding specifics of Obesogens: https://draxe.com/health/obesogens/