With all the processed food available to us in grocery stores, convenience stores and drive-thru restaurants, there’s a good chance that most people over-fed and under-nourished.  The question: Are you?

Nourishment means that your body is receiving adequate amounts of nutrients from your food.  If you’re not, it can have significant effects in your health, and massive consequences in your digestion, your brain function, and even the balance of your emotions.  The human body is incredible, and it does the very best it can with the situation that WE put our bodies into.  So, what nutritional situation are you putting your body?

Especially in America, it seems that portion-sizes continue to grow.  Adding that fact upon the fact that food additives (things like MSG and aspartame) actually trigger a stronger appetite…leads to a state of being over-fed, in other words, over-eating.  Over-eating not only adversely affects your overall weight (think joints wearing out from carrying too much weight for your particular frame) but it can affect your immune system, your pancreas, liver, gall bladder, intestines, brain fog, and energy levels.  

So, what can we do if we honestly find ourselves over-fed and under-nourished?  Start small.  Pick out 3-4 changes that you can make in your diet today.  One of the biggest downfalls of our mindsets as Americans is that we easily fall into “ALL OR NONE” thinking, i.e. if you can’t lose 50 lbs in 2 wks, it’s not worth the journey, or if you end up stopping at Sonic for a sugary drink, that the next meal is not worth trying again.  Here’s the truth, what works is deciding to ADD THE GOOD to your diet.  Focus on adding high quality nutrients, that are NOT empty calories nor junk food, like real, genuine food that your body can use for good.  

Focus on fixing the “under-nourished” part, because I promise, when your body begins to get the nutrients it needs, the cravings you struggle with will begin to change.  It’s worth the journey because the things you’re choosing today WILL have an effect on your level of health 10 years down the road!