My goal as your wellness doctor is to help you be HEALTHY in your whole body-mind-spirit. I heard about this Generosity Test on 90.9 when listening to one of my favorite shows. Something I’ve noticed in the past 10 years and I’ve taken care of patients, those who heal quickest and who deal with health challenges BEST are those who do not focus on themselves constantly…those in the best health are those who consistently give of themselves and focus on helping others! Take this quick 6 question quiz and ask yourself how truly Generous you are:

  1. Do you tip the waitress/waiter with the same enthusiasm you order your food?


  1. Do you complain when you have to fill in for a duty due to another’s schedule change?


  1. Are you willing to loan your personal things to help another person?


  1. How do you treat solicitors at your door—patient/polite or annoyed/rude?


  1. Do you make anonymous donations or do you give only when your name will be known?


  1. Are you willing to do undesirable tasks without complaining?


Adapted from the Howard Book edition of

Raising Unselfish Children in a Self-Absorbed World  by Jill Rigby