April 15-18  Dr. Sharla adjusting ONLY, Dr. Alex on vacation; SoftWave with Kaci is normal

Monday April 22  Dr. Alex adjusting Only, Adjustments BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!! Kaci’s SoftWave schedule is normal

Tuesday, April 23  CLOSED for Passover and the beginning of the Feast of Unleavened Bread

Monday, April 29  CLOSED for the last day of the Feast of Unleavened Bread

Our *NEW* online scheduling system is estimated to be up & working on 4/15/2024. 

We apologize so much for this delay, but we’ll keep y’all updated as a new link 

& new log-ins will be required!

Dr. Alex’s Last Day will be Thursday, May 16th

Dr. Alex & his wife, Amy, are expecting another baby. and with this new addition comes his decision to move his sweet family back to their homeland of Maine to be closer to family! We are so sad for us, yet so happy for them!!

We’d love so much for all of you who have been adjusted and so well cared-for by Dr. Alex to leave him an online review…we will be sharing a link for that in the upcoming weeks. This is a great way to bless him as he goes to open his new practice in Maine 🙂

**VERY IMPORTANT** PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE take the time to call us and schedule an adjustment rather than just walking-in. We want to honor those who have an appointment, and when we get multiple walk-ins at one time, it makes it impossible to stay on-time & creates long waits. You know I love you & I will do my very, very best to adjust 100% of the patients who need me. We know emergencies happen, which is why I’m always willing to stay late or do whatever I possibly can (always let Randi & Patricia know if it’s an emergency)!!

Since Dr. Alex is leaving, and I have not found the right Dr. yet to replace him, it makes it even more critical to have our schedule as organized as we can in order to serve you the BEST we can!

As of May 16th, I will NOT be taking any more new patients with 2 exceptions:

**I WILL absolutely still see your immediate family members as new patients, if they have not already gotten established with me, there just might be a several-week waiting period.

**I WILL still see new pregnant Mommas and children, as that is one of my specializations & not many Chiros in our region do that.

If you refer a friend who doesn’t fall into those categories, please just know that they will be put on our waiting list until after we get another Dr. to replace Dr. Alex. 

So grateful for your patience & understanding!  Taking great care of all of you who are established patients is my first priority!!