Doing body-weight exercises is a great idea for many reasons, one of which being that you don’t need a gym or any special equipment!  Depending on HOW you use this exercise it’s called “superman” (if you do repetitions of this move, raising your arms & legs up at the same time) OR you can do a sustained hold called the “arch body hold.”  This will engage your abs, the muscles around your spine along your upper, mid & lower back, your glutes (buttocks), hamstrings, and shoulders.  It also stretches your hip flexors and opens up your chest; two muscle groups that get  tight when sitting too long.  Start only twice a week, 10 reps of Supermans and/or 3 reps of 30 sec arch body hold. You can do these even while watching TV – though you must pay attention to your movements. Choose 2 days and stick to them.  After a few weeks, when you feel stronger, extend your routine to 3 x per week and build up the intensity.  Add these to your regular workout to help your spine stay in alignment longer after your adjustments!