We’re entering a pretty heavy allergy season here in North Texas…so as I do several times per year, I want to give you some practical ways to help with allergies naturally!  

  • Anti-inflammatory diet: LESS sugar, LESS breads/cereals/pastas, LESS processed foods from packages whether from the grocery store or fast foods; MORE raw garlic, MORE probiotics and/or probiotic rich foods like homemade sauerkraut or kombucha
  • Raw Local Honey: 1 tablespoon/day of honey from our local area helps your body build a tolerance to the pollens found in our area; honey also contains enzymes that support immune function
  • AVOID DAIRY: dairy products cause you to produce MORE mucus
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother): it helps break up mucus and supports lymphatic drainage; Drink a glass of water with 1 tsp of ACV and some fresh squeezed lemon juice; you can also add 1 tsp of ACV into a neti-pot for a natural “sinus flush”
  • Quercetin: it’s a bioflavonoid that stabilizes the release of histamines
  • Stinging Nettle Leaf: naturally controls histamines

If you try the above list and still need some extra help; try these natural products to help allergies that my family uses as needed:

  • D-Hist and D-Hist Jr. from Orthomolecular Products (available at Clearview) 
  • Texas Cedar Fever Homeopathic Allergy Relief (for 100 allergens from TX trees, weeds & grasses; Available at Bee Healthy or HEB) 
D-Hist and D-Hist JR are available at Clearview
Texas Cedar Fever Allergy Relief is available at Bee Healthy market here in Granbury or H-E-B