Want to stop wear & tear in its tracks?  Fix your alignment!  And no, I’m actually not talking about your tires, although the exact principle applies. Just like driving a car out of alignment will wear your tires unevenly and faster, the longer you live with a spine which is subluxated or misaligned, the more wear and tear will show up.  When we see osteo-arthritis on xrays we can usually pinpoint 1) a time there was a trauma to that area; or 2) we can see the alignment in that area of your spine is off.  

I want to commend every one of you parents, who are making the effort and sacrifice to bring your children to the Chiropractor for regular adjustments!  Do have any idea the investment you are making in their future?  YOU ARE MAKING A MASSIVE, POSITIVE, LIFE-GIVING INVESTMENT IN THE FUTURE HEALTH OF YOUR CHILD when you get him/her adjusted regularly!  Just think about how many times as children and teens, we ran into things or fell down or wrecked bicycles, fell off beds (even bunkbeds!), slipped in tubs…need I mention football?  Now we add in screen-time where you sit with your head looking downward at phones, tablets, and laptops, straightening out the normal healthy curve that should be in the neck.  This discussion could go on and on and on.  My point is this: we get ONE spine in our lifetime…it’s a brilliant idea to take care of it!  If you don’t, it will wear out.  If you have been extra hard on your body, then it could wear out even faster.  If you or someone you know have an alignment problem, the good news is that there is help!