There are some extensively important questions we all need to ask ourselves before we choose to take any medication whatsoever, especially vaccines.  I am a huge advocate for vaccine informed consent AND vaccine choice; I believe vaccine mandates are extremely dangerous.

This is just a reminder that YOU HAVE A CHOICE TO MAKE; and I’m not just talking about Covid!  This is a choice we have regarding shingles, flu, meningitis, pneumonia, and the list seems to grow each year for adults.  In the case of children’s shots ‘required’ for school, Texas law states that you can choose NOT to vaccinate your children due to Reasons of Conscience. There are some easy steps you must take to become legally exempt for the school system:  According to the Texas Dept. of State Health Services:Online requests must be made through the web submission form posted at 

Even in a hospital birth, you can choose NOT to have your baby vaccinated right then and there. Do not be intimidated, it is critical to know your rights! Be smart & be informed.

The vaccine education workshop here at Clearview will be held next Tuesday, February 15th at 5:30pm. Please bring your questions and an open mind to learn what you may never be told in mainstream media or by mainstream medicine. Even if you are pro-vaccination, at least you can be better-informed about the science and reasoning of those who do choose to forgo vaccines.

We live in a society obsessed with tolerance it seems, and yet more and more freedoms are being taken away at the same time. The right to choose what goes into our bodies is a foundational human right. It is also a civil right. The right to choose whether or not we bypass our digestive system and allow known toxins to be directly shot into our bloodstreams SHOULD BE A CHOICE.  Are we going to stand for freedom or allow the governmental authorities or mainstream medical proponents the power to rip away our very right to say no to a medical intervention? I pray we will stand strong for freedom in the great state of Texas.