1. Most humans begin losing balance by the age of 30, balance is something that MUST be trained or it WILL leave you. Simply shifting your weight on one of these can help your balance, but increasing the difficulty improves it even more!
  2. Any exercise you perform using a balance disc or Bosu ball increases the difficulty and causes you get get more “bang for your buck” in your workouts.
  3. Just standing on one of these devices can improve your foot mobility and strengthen the muscles in your feet and ankles (which also helps balance!).  And while at a computer, a balance disc can minimize the detrimental effects of sitting.
  4. People get STIFF before they get OLD. Stiffness is directly proportional to your mobility & balance (NOT YOUR AGE!!!)  Use one of these to keep yourself moving!

*Balance Discs are available for purchase at Clearview Chiropractic Life Center

**BOSU balls are available at most retailers that carry sporting equipment